Production of OJSC "Orsha Aircraft repair Plant"

Production of OJSC "Orsha Aircraft repair Plant"

Hangar №1

Nowadays the «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant» OJSC is the leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus in the field of certified repair, modernization and technical maintenance of helicopters. The plants conducts the repair of removable and non-removable equipment, components, aggregates and systems, measuring instruments and test and control equipment, technical maintenance of military and civil aircrafts.

The major repair of aviation equipment is performed in two hangars – the largest special buildings in the Republic of Belarus for the repair of aviation equipment:

Hangar No. 1 - allows repairing the aircrafts of IL-76 class, the helicopters of all types, effective area is 7.100 sq. m, (production area is 3900 sq. m., and dimensions are 65х60х15 m);

Hangar №2

Hangar No. 2 – allows repairing the aircrafts of TU-134 class and the helicopters of all types, effective area is 12.800 sq. m (production area is 7200 sq. m., dimensions are 150x48,5x11,5 m.).

Workshop №1

Workshop No.  1 is located in the Hangar No.2 and allows performing disassembling, defect finding, repair of removable and non-removable equipment, installation and debugging of helicopter aircraft on-board systems, production of transparency for cargo cabin and cockpit of Мi-8, Мi-24, Мi-2 (except the heated one) helicopters, as well as painting of aircraft in a specialized paint-drying chamber. The workshop is located in the Hangar No.2, the painting room adjoins it.

Workshop № 2

All work is carried out on certified equipment - 1.

All work is carried out on certified equipment - 1.

All work is carried out on certified equipment.

All work is carried out on certified equipment.

Site repair units

Site repair units

Workshop №2 - conducts the repair of the avionics (hardware and electrical) and radio electrical equipment, all aggregates of helicopter systems (including КАU and RА control devices, transmission aggregates (including the tail rotors repair and leverage) and aviation armament on the Mi-8, Mi-8МТ (Mi-17, Mi-8МТV-1, Mi-8АМТ, Mi-171, Mi-17-V-5), Mi-24, Mi-2 helicopters of all modifications in the specialized stations, manufacture of low pressure hoses, performance of all types of parts non-destructive testing (except for X-ray control), manufacture of 683 items of technical rubber products. The overhaul of separate units and aggregates of Tu-134, Tu-154, Il-76, An-24(An-26), Yak-40 (Yak-42) airplanes is conducted according to the Permit List issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee’s Aviation Register.

Workshop № 3

At workshop No. 3 our specialists conduct выполняет processing of metals and galvanic deposition, welding works of all kinds. The area is equipped with tools that allow to conduct metalworking, turning, milling, forging and pressing operations, perform heat treating, electroplating restoration, plasma coating, sandblasting, manufacture and repair of production machinery, as well as manufacture and repair of ground equipment for aircrafts maintenance, production of parts remotorization of Mi-8T and Mi-2 helicopters.

Plant Central Laboratory - Tough requirements are imposed on all materials and parts used during the repair. A three-stage input control system and an certified plant central laboratory, that are used for these purpose, provide reliability of linear and angular values measurements, weighing, analyzes and tests the materials, fuels and lubricants, gases and parts for compliance with their standards and technical conditions.

The flight-testing station (FTS)- is located in a separate building and has parking equipped with power supply sources, pre-flight check-up site. The FTS specialists conduct the helicopter ground and flight tests after the overhaul, and have a permission to perform the line technical maintenance of Mi-8, Mi-8МТV, Mi-2 helicopters and Il-76 aircrafts. The FTS platform is directly adjacent to the runway of more than 3000 in length, that was restored in 2018-2019, and that ensure the landing of airplanes and helicopters of all types and classes.


For the storage of the repair stock, end products, spare parts, consumables and material and technical equipment the plant obtains the storage facilities with a total area of 3540,4 sq.m., including the effective area of 3249 sq.m. The enterprise has the possibility expanding the storage facilities area.

The company has a medical center, a dental office, two dormitories, a hotel, a canteen and a buffet at its disposal.

Nowadays, the enterprise has the available capacities and highly qualified trained personnel to master and conduct the repair of any modern aviation equipment as soon as possible.

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