• Electronic enquiries
  • Enquiry consideration procedure
  • Personal reception
  • Higher authority
  • Administrative procedures
  • Procedures related to enquiries of citizens, including individual enterpreneurs and legal entities are regulated in Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant OJSC according to the following documents:

    • Constitution of the Republic of Belarus;

    • Law of the Republic of Belarus dated June 18, 2011 No. 300-3 «Enquiries of citizens and legal entities»;

    • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated October 15, 2007 No. 498 «Additional measures related to enquiries of citizens and legal entities»;

    • Directive of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated December 27, 2006 No. 2 «Measures of further de-bureaucratization of governmental procedures and increase of people living quality».

    • Manual on work arrangement for enquiries consideration of the citizens, legal entities and individual enterpreneurs in «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant» OJSC and annual order on «Appointment of the persons responsible for work flow and procedures in consideration of the enquiries from the citizens, legal entities and individual enterpreneurs».
  • For personal reception please make sure that you have the identification documents (passport, permanent residence card, refugee certificate). The applicants representatioves shall provide the documents certifying their authority.

    In OJSC «Orsha aircraft repair plant» personal reception is held in Orsha region, Bolbasovo, 1 Zavodskaya Str., Administrative building, Reception office of the General Director.

    Provide your application for personal reception to Natalia Bandyrova, the Secretary by telephone +375 (216) 23-80-12.

    Provisional consultancy in personal issues can be obtained from:

    • Legal advisors of the Law office – Svetlana Ionova and Anna Sidorenko by telephone +375 (216) 23-70-99;
    • Head of HR and Document Flow Service – Anatoly Birulya by telephone +375 (216) 23-70-98

    Schedule of personal reception, including citizens, private enterpreneurs and representatives of legal entities:

    Pavel A. Sluchak

    General Director

    «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant» OJSC

    Every Monday, from 16:00 to 17:00.

    If the scheduled reception day is a holiday, the appointment is shifted to the nearest business day of «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant» OJSC.

  • State-owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise «Belspetsvneshtechnika»

    8 Kalinovskogo Str., 220103, Minsk,

    Tel: 385 28 28, tel/fax 281 11 89


    State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus

    220114, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 115 Nezavisimosti Ave,

    Tel: +375 (17) 280-91-00

    Fax: +375 (17) 280-90-81



    Working hours:

    •             Business day start – 9.00;

    •             Lunch break – 13.00 to 14.00;

    •             Business day finish – 18.00;

    •             Weekend – Saturday and Sunday.

  • List of administrative procedures performed by «Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant» OJSC related to issuance of abstracts, certificates and other documents requested by the citizens:

    Reception of the enquiries (issuance of abstracts and certificates) is performed during the working hours of "Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant" OJSC. 

    All the administrative procedures are provided free of charge.

    Maximum time for enquiry consideration and issuance of the certificate or other document: 5 days upon enquiry

    HR Department

    1. Issuance of abstract (copy) from the labor records book
    2. Issuance of employment and position certificate
    3. Issuance of employment period certificate
    4. Issuance of maternity/ parternity leave certificate
    5. Issuance of permature maternity/ paternity leave completion certificate and termination of maternity/ paternity leave payments
    6. Issuance of company name change or transformation certificate
    7. Issuance of vocation period certificate

    Person responsible for HR department administrative procedures as per pp. 1-6

    Irina V. Pronina

    HR inspector

    Tel. +375 (216) 23- 79 -98

    Person responsible for HR department administrative procedures as per p. 7

    Taisiya V. Gelyasova

    Senior HR specialist

    Tel. +375 (216) 23- 79 -98.

    Accounting office

    1. Issuance of payroll size certificate
    2. Issuance of alimony deduction certificate
    3. Issuance of alimony size certificate
    4. Issuance of child support bonus size certificate

    Person responsible for accounting department administrative procedures

    Nina M. Sapezhinskaya


    Tel. +375 (216) 23-72-24.

    Trade union committee

    1. Issuance of the certificate to confirm that in the current year no camp tour voucher was provided to the child at the expense of state social insurance

    Person responsible for trade union administrative procedures

    Galina I. Denisova

    Trade union chairperson

    Tel. +375 (216) 54-63-23.